Monday, March 27, 2006

False Start...

On the offense... 5 yard penalty... Repeat 2nd down.

So, funny story. I went to my appointment yesterday and the bishop come out, shook my hand and said "The situation has changed, and we no longer need to interview you." So, no calling! lol I've never had that happen before. Anyone else have? The nearest I can guess is that they were going to call me to be ward organist. I heard a rumor to the effect that they tried to release one of the current organists and they refused. But I'll never know for sure! Weird.

Thanks to everyone who posted a guess! As far as I know, Kim was the closest! I'll send you some seeds! How about okra? ;)

I'm actually kind of relieved. Any calling they could give me would be more work than RS accompanist (except maybe Primary pianist). So I guess I can settle back into my lazy ways now.

Once in a music calling, always in a music calling.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Big brothers and win big!

Wow, it's been a while. Really my life has been mostly boring lately. But I do have two things to post about today! First, a cute story about the boys and second, a contest!

On Fridays our ward has a park day for the young mothers and their kids. It's been pretty rainy lately so we haven't gone, but today is really nice, so we went! They switch parks around often and this week's park was pretty far away. We had just pulled out onto California when my younger ds started to scream! For a second I thought he'd been stung by a bee, he screamed so loud. But no, he had dropped his 'magic wand' (a stick about 3 inches long) and couldn't get it. He was quite hysterical about it. His seat is right behind mine, so I tried to reach it while we were stopped at the stoplight, but I couldn't find it. Meanwhile, his brother, kept telling him calmly "We'll get it when we get to the park" and patting his hand. That calmed younger ds down a bit, though he was still crying. Then older ds started singing to him "don't you cry, we will go to grammie's" and the crying stopped. He continued to sing to him all the way to the park, and as soon as the car was stopped, he jumped out of his seat and retrieved the 'magic wand' for his younger brother. It was so sweet. It's nice to know that even though they sometimes don't treat each other very well, they really do love each other and are looking out for the other.

Last night, while my dh was at a meeting at the church, I got a call from the executive secretary (is that right? You know, the guy who schedules appointments with the bishop.) At any rate, he asked if I could meet with a member of the bishopric on Sunday! So we scheduled a time to meet between choir practice and sacrament meeting. This is totally unexpected! There's no other reason for me to meet with the bishopric except for them to give me a new calling. I guess it's time, I've been the Relief Society accompanist since we moved in 2 and 1/2 years ago. I'm really nervous. RS accompanist is such an easy calling, I'm afraid I've gotten lazy. I might actually have to do something now!

So here's the contest:

"Guess what my new calling will be!"

Enter your guesses in the comments. On Monday morning, I'll announce my calling and the winner! The winner will get a packet of seeds of their choice mailed to them. (This contest is for family and friends only! And maybe friends of family if they want to guess too!)

Happy guessing!

Friday, March 03, 2006