Monday, April 03, 2006

Singing Time,

I know I just posted, but this was too cute/funny to pass up.

We have lately taken to watching "Signing Time" on PBS Sunday mornings, and renting their DVD's from the Library. Why? Too involved to tell now. Anyway, my boys are singing one of the songs from an episode we recently watched. It's quite a catchy tune. My older ds is singing "I'm a boy, I'm a boy, I'm proud to be me" and my younger ds is singing the next line "I'm a girl, I'm a girl, I'm proud to be me". Sorry, it's not as cute in print. I guess you'll just have to imagine you can hear the cute 3yo voice of my ds singing that he's proud to be a girl to really appreciate it. And he's actually singing in tune! He's just picked that up recently, he used to sing in a monotone.

Now it's Laughing Time,

April Fool's!

No, this isn't a late April Fool's Day post, though I did think about doing a fake post on April 1st announcing I was pregnant. But that would have been too mean. So this is what we did instead:

In the morning, we had breakfast and 'someone' had switched all the bags around in the cereal boxes. So my younger ds asked for 'squares' and he got Cheerios instead! My older ds asked for 'guys' and got some of mommy and daddie's high fiber cereal. Both boys thought it was the funniest thing, and kept asking us to put cereal in their bowls so they could see what would come out. We also put food coloring in their glasses so when we poured the OJ in, it turned blue. It's one of their favorite tricks.

But it didn't stop there. For Lunch we had cake, green punch, and mixed veggies. But not so! We had meatloaf cake, jello punch, and candy veggies! My older ds, who is no slouch, came in after we called them to lunch and said "Why are there tomatoes on the cake?" Oh well, you can't fool them all the time. We got their reactions on tape, though I think they were a little confused by it all! They liked the 'cake' okay, but I think next year I'll do cupcakes instead. The boys and I don't like meatloaf enough to eat a whole cake of it. The Jello was too much for them; It was a green apple flavor and not very good. But I think the gag is good for a repeat, with a different flavor. The candy veggies where the big hit, of course. Too much work and sugar for me. Bleh.

My dh went the the priesthood session that night, so lunch was the last of the tricks; he didn't want to miss any. We thought about putting 'dummies' in our bed but then thought maybe that would be too traumatic. Maybe in a few years.


Saturday, April 01, 2006

On callings...

It is so fun to hear about others experiences with callings. I'm a little surprised to hear of other people who have refused to be released. I'd imagined it didn't happen that often, because we frequently hear how we shouldn't refuse callings because they are inspired from God. You'd figure it works the other way too, that if it's time for you to be released, that is inspired too. (That idea really helped me a lot when the time came to leave my mission.) But I guess some people don't make that connection. Or maybe it's just that they've gotten so comfortable where they are, they don't want to change. I can kind of relate. I'm really comfortable with my current calling and when I thought they were going to give me a new one, I was quite nervous. Never enough to refuse a release though. I also wonder if someone might refuse a release because they feel they can do their calling better than anyone else in the ward....

On another vein, one of my most favorite callings was Family History Coordinator. Fun, and not a music calling (my only one, if you don't count my mission)! And the spirit of Elijah is awesome! As far as music callings go, believe it or not, I actually enjoy being choir director! I've been choir director 3 times, twice in a singles ward, and once in the married student ward. That choir was AWESOME! Of course my next calling will be one I dread, like Primary President or nursery leader.

Well, enough musing for today.