Monday, March 27, 2006

False Start...

On the offense... 5 yard penalty... Repeat 2nd down.

So, funny story. I went to my appointment yesterday and the bishop come out, shook my hand and said "The situation has changed, and we no longer need to interview you." So, no calling! lol I've never had that happen before. Anyone else have? The nearest I can guess is that they were going to call me to be ward organist. I heard a rumor to the effect that they tried to release one of the current organists and they refused. But I'll never know for sure! Weird.

Thanks to everyone who posted a guess! As far as I know, Kim was the closest! I'll send you some seeds! How about okra? ;)

I'm actually kind of relieved. Any calling they could give me would be more work than RS accompanist (except maybe Primary pianist). So I guess I can settle back into my lazy ways now.

Once in a music calling, always in a music calling.


Kim said...

How interesting! I had something similar happen...except one of the counselors was interviewing me, and the RS president runs up and says "You can't have her!" So, that ended that. I did ask what they would have called me to...temple committee (which I ended up in later). You should have asked (if they would tell you...) Never hurts to try!

I think the seed contest is null and void at this point...we'll have to wait until next time!

Liz said...

When I was first put in the RS presidency, they had just asked the bishop to release one of the teachers. The bishop reported back to the RS president that the teacher had refused to be released. I didn't think you could refuse a release, but apparently the bishop wanted to keep good feelings with the sister in question.

Sorry about the let-down. I'm sure you had been anticipating a new challenge.


Becky said...

hmm, this gives me an idea... Rob and I can just refused to be released from the Medical Branch! Okay, we really wouldn't do that, because I know there are other people in the ward who really want that experience as well. I don't understand why someone would refuse to be released - maybe its because they didn't want to do whatever the bishop wanted to call them to next. I've never really understood refusing callings. I guess I just always thought that you should serve your ward in whatever capacity you can, even if it isn't your top choice. The callings that have been the best for me are the callings I was hesitant about in the beginning. You just have to be willing to go outside of your comfort zone if you want to grow.

Amy Miller said...

I like what you said about "once a music calling, always..."
My husband and I were both primary pianists, then we were both called to ward choir(he still has both of these callings). I am now personal progress specialist and primary 2nd counselor. I'm pretty sure I am still supposed to be involved with the choir though. They also wanted us to be one of the ward organists, but they were going to give us time to practice first. Then they never officially put us in, so I guess we lucked out. I think Josh is doomed to always be in a music calling.

rob said...

A test of your faithfulness, perhaps, to see if you'd answer, "Behold, here I am," like Abraham. I think that you should have demanded the blessing of accepting a new calling even though none was extended. Abraham got blessed for being willing.