Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's official!

My older ds has learned to ride his bike! A few days ago, we removed his training wheels and his pedals so he could learn to balance without the added difficulty of pedaling. Yesterday he told us that he had learned to balance and that he wanted his pedals back on. I though no way did he learn to balance so quickly, but we put the pedals back on for him anyway. Well, he just took off! Today he's riding like a pro! I think my greatest joy as a parent comes as I watch my children learn new things.

I just had to share!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Here there be whales!

Hello March! So far it's come in like a Lamb. Does that mean it will leave like a lion? I actually hope so; we could use some extra rain.

Resolutions Update: (really, this is mostly for me so if you find it boring, feel free to skip it!)

1. Keep up with my exercise routine
We actually went walking in the rain one day. Now that's dedication! (In SoCal anyway, in UT it would have to be snow.)

2. No buying sugary snacks.
Okay, story time. I decided that this resolution was setting up a bad relationship with food for me. Have you ever tried to NOT think of something? Try it. It's like when someone says "Don't look!" what's the first thing you do? Look, of course! So I found with the no buying sugary snacks resolution, I spent more time thinking about snacks so I actually ate more. Therefore, I'm scrapping this one. However, I will replace it with another. I seem to respond better to positive goals, so this one will be changed to "Eat more legumes." Right now we have two dishes with beans in our menu rotation, hearty vegetarian chili and minestrone soup. So to begin with, I will add beans to two more dishes, making one dish a week that includes legumes. I could easily add beans to the chicken and salsa soup and I could use pureed green garbanzos to thicken the broccoli cheese soup. For ease in starting off, everything will be from cans (except the lentils and the frozen green garbanzos) but once the menu is established, I'll start cooking dry beans in the crock pot and freezing them for later use. So there it is. I'm actually pretty excited about this change!

3. Write in my journal once a week.
This month was great! I wrote every week on Sunday. The difficulty will come next week when I'm in Utah. I think maybe I'll give myself a vacation.

4. Write in my blog once a month.
Not as good as last month, but still within the first week!

5. De-clutter one room a month.
I did awesome with this one! I'm so happy with how the boys room is organized now, and it stays much cleaner. I should post a picture! I moved all my stuff to the less accessible side of the closet and put the boys craft shelf inside the closet. Then I added another small bookcase for all their games and I got more plastic storage for some of their new Christmas stuff. The only things left to do are to get rid of the pink plastic Ikea chairs and the gigantic bookcase that is sitting in our room (sighhhh). This month I'll organize the bathroom. That will mostly involve clearing out the cabinets under the sinks and throwing all the old stuff away. Hopefully not too difficult.

Whew! Not bad. Of course if we end up moving, it's all off!

I've decided it would be better to have a specific list of exceptions for the compact rather than a few all purpose, free for all exceptions. I don't have a good list made up yet, so I'll have to post it later, but it will definitely include HP7!

Tomorrow we are all going on a two hour whale watching excursion on a tall ship! I'm so excited!! I'll post pics next month.

Hope no one falls overboard...