Monday, July 10, 2006

Thank You!

I'm participating in the One Skein secret pal exchange and I got my first skein over the weekend. I love it! It's 100% organic cotton, so smooth and soft, and in pink! Gorgeous! So I just want to say a big thank you to my secret pal!

This past weekend we also went to the OC Fair. We went on opening day because parking and admission were free between 12 and 1pm. It was fun, but crowded. We went with out friend Vicky and her 2yo son. And I got to take some pictures of my crochet entries (I found my camera). They weren't displayed very well, and my picture taking abilities leave something to be desired, but here they are anyway.

I've got 4 free tickets to the Fair!


Anonymous said...

Oh, those are wonderful entries, Alberta! It's good to know you're enjoying yourself in participating in the OC Fair. :)

I'm so very glad you like your skein. I hope crocheting with it proves to be a treat for you. *grin*

Lovingly, your One Skein Secret Pal. :)

rob said...

Were your entries for competition or for sale? How did that end up? Or is that where the 4 free tickets came from?

crochetfreak said...

The entries are for competition, not for sale. At the end of the Fair I will get the blue ponchette back and the pink baby blanket goes to OC children's hospital. No place for either of the entries, but I really just enter for the free ticket! I got one ticket when I entered the competition, one ticket (plus free parking) for volunteering to stand in the air conditioned building for 3 hours showing people the crafts, one for entering my tomatoes in the garden division, and one for my dh entering some okra. I have yet to pay for entry to the OC fair!