Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's official!

My older ds has learned to ride his bike! A few days ago, we removed his training wheels and his pedals so he could learn to balance without the added difficulty of pedaling. Yesterday he told us that he had learned to balance and that he wanted his pedals back on. I though no way did he learn to balance so quickly, but we put the pedals back on for him anyway. Well, he just took off! Today he's riding like a pro! I think my greatest joy as a parent comes as I watch my children learn new things.

I just had to share!


Brooke said...

So exciting! That same technique worked with Miles just recently. It really is so wonderful to watch them learn.

Liz said...

Just to clarify the process: with the pedals gone, he pushed himself along with his feet against the ground? Our kids are having a hard time getting enough speed with pedalling to keep their balance, so we'll have to try this.

Alberta said...

That's correct. We also lowered his seat so his feet were flat on the ground making it easier for him to use them to stop himself (since he couldn't use the coaster breaks and we live on a hill). I was amazed! It only took him a day and half to learn!