Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Sorry, this is a boring post. It's for my own record, but feel free to read it if you like. I have more interesting stuff to post, but it will have to wait until later!

Resolution Update:

1. Keep up with my exercise routine.
So far so good, but I lose my walking partner next month! :(

2. Eat more legumes.
Good. I have succeeded in adding legumes to all the soups on the menu and I even cooked some in the crock pot and froze them for later. It was so cheap and easy, why didn't I do it sooner?!

3. Write in my journal once a week.
Not as good but not terrible. My Sunday's tend to get swallowed up in primary stuff. I do think journal writing is important, though, so I plan to keep trying to keep my resolution.

4. Write in my blog once a month.
Still good, though my first post this month was a recipe, not really content rich. But, hey, it still counts!

5. De-clutter one room a month.
So the porch didn't go so well. No one on Freecycle wanted my trike or shop light! And I kind of lost my momentum after that. Oh well. I did finally Freecycle the gigantic bookcase that was eating up all the space in my bedroom though! Yay! It looks so much nicer! For May (which is already half over) the de-clutter room is the kitchen. It shouldn't be too bad. As part of the de-clutter, I would like to find a place to put some water storage.

Compact Update:
I can't seem to get my dh or dss to sit down and help me make up an exception list for the compact! We're still following it, it just would be nice to have it in writing so it's not so easy to forget (or cheat). We probably also need a specific 'forbidden' list for things that might qualify, but really shouldn't.

Here's my rough draft of our exceptions (so I don't lose it!):

Food ;)
Underwear/socks (non-fancy)
School supplies
Craft supplies (ie markers and paper for the boys)
Fabric and notions (but only if I can't use what I've got)
NOT yarn!
Clothes for the boys (mostly my older ds)
Running Shoes
1 (maybe 2) articles of clothing for the adults
Option of 1 new item per person at Christmas
Health and Safety purchases (ie medicine and tires for car and bikes etc.)

This is not really part of the compact, but we're also trying a "no out-of-pocket spending" streak. So far our longest stretch is 6 days in a row! After 20 days (not necessarily consecutive) we will go out to eat. We're up to 9 days. It's been fun and challenging so far. I think it will help keep our expenses down by keeping us from being "nickled and dimed to death".


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Your dh said...

Sorry I've been such a slacker!

I guess I've been just too comfortable with an English Common-Law approach to the compact when you want a more Napoleonic Code approach.

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité

That's about as French as I get.