Thursday, July 03, 2008

Family Fun

Ever been parasailing? You should try it! A family in our ward owns a parasailing business so when my sis and her dh were visiting this past weekend, we thought we'd try it out. FUN!! The boys enjoyed it so much my older ds keeps suggesting we go parasailing every Friday.

dh and younger ds
"Everything looked like toys!"

Sister and bil getting dunked

Me and older ds after a dunk


benspendlove said...

Oh, man, that does look fun. Those are nice pictures, too. Good detail. Sam looks a little concerned.

benspendlove said...

Wow, were those shot with a Nikon D50? Who has a D50?

Alberta said...

It was their camera so I'm not sure what it was. They took the pics and burned them all onto a DVD for us. Nice! There are a bunch more, if you want me to email them to you.

Liz said...

Now all my kids want to go. How long is the parasailing season back there?

Alberta said...

As long as the weather stays good. Last year it was good through the end of October.