Monday, November 10, 2008


I figured I'd better post this pic before Halloween is too far behind us:

Underdog, House, and Darth Vader

Homemade costumes really are much cuter then storebought. I'm especially pleased with how the Vader costume turned out. It is really quite impressive in person. Don't know who House is? I'm sorry. DH had a great time playing House for all his students on Halloween, complete with attitude and 'vicodin' (m&m's in a perscription bottle). Me? I did my best impression of a pumpkin by wearing an orange shirt and sitting around while the boys went Trick-or-treating. You don't want a picture of that, trust me.


benspendlove said...

Ha ha! I've been hooked on M&Ms in prescription bottles before. It's a tough habit to break. (See "The 11 Elements of TV Humour")

That Vader costume is awesome! I'm assuming the helmet was storebought, or have you taken up injection molding as a hobby? I like Underdog, too. It's nice that a new generation could be introduced to Underdog.

Alberta said...

Yes, the helmet/mask was storebought as were the lightsaber and the sweats.

Many people didn't know who younger ds was, but those who did were pretty excited!

I should digitize "the 11 elements of humour" and post it to youtube... Or you should. You'd probably do a better job of it anyway.

Liz said...

I, in fact, do want a picture of the pumpkin, but I will settle for a picture of baby toes in a few weeks.

Your menfolk look wonderful.