Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Handmade Christmas

When I was growing up, my family gave homemade gifts to each other every Christmas.  We each drew a name so we only had one gift to make.  With 6 kids I'm sure that's all my parents could handle.  My mom would help us with the crafty/sewing while my dad helped with any woodworking.  I have some really great memories of those homemade gifts both given and received.  My family still puts an emphasis on homemade in our gift exchange.  And I've tried to do the same in my own family. 

I only have 3 kids, so this year I decided that it might be nice to have each of them make something for both their siblings.  We'll see how it goes!  And I might make something for each of them, I haven't decided.  My oldest son has already decided what he wants to give his brother and sister and my second son has a few ideas as well.  I guess I'll end up deciding for my daughter, and probably making hers as well.  Unless someone out there has a great, useful gift that a 3-year-old can make!

As I've been browsing around the internet I've come across a few fun ideas for homemade gifts.  Not sure if I'll use any of these, but maybe you will!
I'll post what my kids are doing for their gifts later on.  Since they don't read my blog, it won't spoil anything if I post before Christmas.

How does your family exchange gifts?  I'd love to hear about any cute homemade gift ideas you have!

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Darrell said...

I remember helping someone make strange little dolls and animals from wooden dowels. Have fun making a great Christmas. Now that I've finished the basement I'm going to fire up Santa's workshop.