Thursday, February 01, 2007

Resolutions Revisited

Yay! I'm actually keeping my blogging resolution! Here's an update on my 2007 resolutions so far:

1. Keep up with my exercise routine.
No sweat. But that's only because it's too cold! (haha) This is my easiest resolution ever! Though I could probably stand to add another 1/2 mile or so to my walk.

2. No buying sugary snacks.
Not as good. I messed up in the first week by buying doughnuts because I forgot! But since then I've been really good. Of course I allow myself the exception of ice cream as long as I eat it at the store. I just can't give up my Stricklands! (I don't get it that often, especially in the winter.)

3. Write in my journal once a week.
I started out alright, but then I started forgetting. Last week I forgot to write on Sunday, but remembered on Monday. So far this week I haven't written, but I hope to remedy that tonight! You'd think this wouldn't be so hard! Trouble is I try to do all my Primary stuff on Sunday so I have the rest of the week for my kids, and it overruns journal writing time. Plus I can never seem to get it all done on Sunday so it spills into the week anyway. Sighhhhh. I think once I get used to the journal writing schedule, it will be easier to remember.

4. Write on my blog once a month.
100%! Wahooo! On the first day even!

5. Declutter one room a month.
I made a really good effort on this one, but I think I choose a bad room to start with. My room is the repository for everything that doesn't have a place, so no matter how hard I try it never seems to 'declutter'. Oh well, I'll get another chance later this year! On to the boys room! I think this one will be easier because everything HAS to have a place or it won't get put away. Since Christmas, there are some new toys and things without places so it has been very hard for them to keep it clean. But I have a plan that I hope will help! Hmmm, I'd better write it down someplace...

There it is! Not too bad, if I say so myself.

In other news, Harry Potter 7 has a release date! Finally! I'm severely tempted to preorder it from Amazon. We'll see what my dh says.

I almost forgot! February marks the beginning of a year long consumer "fast" for us. I got the idea from a group called "The Compact". Basically you refrain from buying anything new for a whole year. Of course there are exceptions, like food and shampoo. To get items you need you borrow, barter, or buy used. (You can read the details here.) We probably won't be as strict as the original folks (they probably didn't have kids!) but we're going to make our best attempt! Today is our 'kick-off' day. I'll let you know next month how it's going!

Here's hoping nothing big breaks this year!


Ross said...

Wouldn't pre-ordering HP7 break your consumer fast?

Amy Miller said...

I already pre-ordered HP7. I can't wait. I have been doing good at journal writing. I would like to do that consumer fast, but I think I wouldn't be able to. Maybe I could just cut back on buying things I don't need. So does this mean you don't buy birthday or Christmas presents?

crochetfreak said...

Yes pre-ordering HP7 would break our consumer fast, but we're not doing the exact original rules of the compact. I believe that any good plan has some flexibility built in so I've allowed 4 "emergency" purchases for the year and I think buying HP7 is an emergency!

Yes, we won't be buying birthday or Christmas presents, they will all be homemade. My older ds has a bad case of the gimmes and I hope this will curb it a bit! Well okay, we can't buy new 'things' for Christmas or birthdays, but vouchers for activities or services are fine. My kids would love to get vouchers to play miniature golf! And I would love a gift certificate for a massage or a pedicure. Those are all allowed purchases.