Wednesday, October 03, 2007


So we went to Insectropolis and it was really cool! And a little creepy. They had several displays of different varieties of cockroach. Looking at them gave me the heebie-jeebies. But the boys loved it! (Not the cockroaches, but everything else)

After we walked through the displays, we got to the "Zoo" where we got to pet some of the bugs, including a cockroach (shudder), a couple of LARGE millipedes, a tarantula, and a scorpion. I did fine holding the smaller of the two millipedes, but when the big one started to uncurl in my hand I had to hand it off to my dh. I've never thought of myself as the squeamish type, but those big bugs were just too much for me. Maybe next time we go I'll work up the nerve to hold the tarantula.

My younger ds held both the millipedes and petted all the others except the scorpion (understandably) and my older ds (who is afraid of touching most living things) worked up enough courage to pet the tarantula, which he described as "fuzzy".

I hope I never find one of these in my house.

PS That's my dh's hand.

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Liz said...

You guys are awesome parents. I have been so proud of myself for eating broccoli as an example to my kids. I guess I need to step it up.

Do you have a calling yet?