Monday, September 19, 2005

And the heavens were opened!

For the first time in months, it has rained here in Orange County! A loud and occaisionally intense thunderstorm came through this evening. Though nothing like Southern rainstorms, I was impressed and delighted. I can think of only one other thunderstorm that we have had in the 3 years we have lived here. Now I won't have to water my garden tomorrow! ;)

Speaking of water, both of my sons have figured out that their mouth can produce water (spit). Mostly they just swish it around in their mouths and between their teeth, or they let a few spit bubbles out on their lips and quickly slurp them back in. However, my youngest has taken to spitting; actually it is more a controlled drool than an actual "spit". Tonight he leaned over the back of our futon couch and dropped a little puddle right on the floor!

He knows he is not supposed to spit, and his facial expression gave away the fact that he was doing it knowing full-well he was not supposed to. This earned him an immediate "time-out" on the stool in the kitchen. Now, my oldest will cry and complain when he is put in time-out, but he will stay on the stool; not the youngest. He climbed off three time before his time was up (each time we re-set the timer for 2 minutes). After the third time my husband took the stool and son into the bathroom for a time-out. He left the light on and the door open (we don't do scary "spider closet"-like time-outs). My son still screamed because he was left alone but he stayed seated. Ah, the difficulties we go though to avoid corporeal punishment (and other lazy parenting methods). More work but greater returns.

All wet,

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