Thursday, September 29, 2005

Crochet in the Dark

Sorry I didn't post yesterday as promised, but at 8:10 last night the power went out, with the computer on all ready to blog. This has happened here at Verano before and last time it took them 3 days to get the power back on. This time, thankfully, the power was back on by 11:30. So now we get more 'scheduled' power outages to fix whatever went wrong. grrrr.

So no post yesterday. And I was just lazy enough today (HOT!) that I didn't take a picture of my finished project. Sorry! I'll get it done soon! But in the meantime, let me tell you about my FAVORITE crochet magazine, Crochet! I know, not a very creative name. But very creative content! My lastest copy arrived in the mail today and it has sooo many great patterns; hats for charity donation, sweaters that fit and don't look like they were designed by knitters, a freeform crochet jacket, a scarf crocheted with fleece strips, the cutest robe ever for girls size 2-6, and that's just a few of the projects!! I have looked at several other crochet magazines (all of them, in fact) and this is the best, by far. Creative designs, readily available yarns, no pattern mistakes (yet), all kinds of crochet techniques, I could go on and on. I will be keeping this magazine subscription for a very long time.

Where's my hook!?

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