Wednesday, September 21, 2005

And the rain rain rain came down down down....

It is still raining. With thunder and everything. I had arranged to meet the Verano Housing Programs coordinator at the community gardens to walk through and decide which plots need to be redone (I'm on the garden council) but about half an hour before we were scheduled to meet, she called and asked to reschedule. I wasn't too sorry about it as it was pouring at that moment. But I had the thought that slogging through the garden in the pouring rain might make a good blog entry. Oh well, I'm much happier to be dry!

In an unrelated topic (but not really because this is officially a crochet blog), I should be a pattern tester! I recently started a project from my last issue of Crochet Fantasy and all was going well until I finished the first row and discovered I had one too many ch1 spaces between my double crochets! So I had to undo the whole row and remove 2 chains from my foundation chain. Oh well, I figured I had just miscounted the number of chains I had made. After finishing a few more rows I deciding that I would like the smaller size better, so I undid what I had done and started over. I chained the amount listed in the pattern (I counted it twice!) and finished the first row and, lo and behold, I had one extra ch1 space again! Once again I undid the row and removed 2 chains from the foundation chain. They had the wrong number listed for both sizes!

Now I know someone had checked the pattern because they had a big picture of the finished piece in the magazine! I don't understand how they missed that mistake since the foundation chain is the very first thing you do when you start crocheting, and it can really mess up the rest of your work if it's not right! Perfectionism and nit picking should really be on the top of necessary job skills for a pattern tester. See, I'd be perfect! lol

Anyway, despite the initial setback, the project is going nicely (and quickly). I'll post a pic of it tomorrow. Don't worry. It's not anyone's Christmas present, so looking won't spoil any surprises!

How dry I am.....

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