Monday, April 03, 2006

April Fool's!

No, this isn't a late April Fool's Day post, though I did think about doing a fake post on April 1st announcing I was pregnant. But that would have been too mean. So this is what we did instead:

In the morning, we had breakfast and 'someone' had switched all the bags around in the cereal boxes. So my younger ds asked for 'squares' and he got Cheerios instead! My older ds asked for 'guys' and got some of mommy and daddie's high fiber cereal. Both boys thought it was the funniest thing, and kept asking us to put cereal in their bowls so they could see what would come out. We also put food coloring in their glasses so when we poured the OJ in, it turned blue. It's one of their favorite tricks.

But it didn't stop there. For Lunch we had cake, green punch, and mixed veggies. But not so! We had meatloaf cake, jello punch, and candy veggies! My older ds, who is no slouch, came in after we called them to lunch and said "Why are there tomatoes on the cake?" Oh well, you can't fool them all the time. We got their reactions on tape, though I think they were a little confused by it all! They liked the 'cake' okay, but I think next year I'll do cupcakes instead. The boys and I don't like meatloaf enough to eat a whole cake of it. The Jello was too much for them; It was a green apple flavor and not very good. But I think the gag is good for a repeat, with a different flavor. The candy veggies where the big hit, of course. Too much work and sugar for me. Bleh.

My dh went the the priesthood session that night, so lunch was the last of the tricks; he didn't want to miss any. We thought about putting 'dummies' in our bed but then thought maybe that would be too traumatic. Maybe in a few years.


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Anonymous said...

Well that was very original! The thought would have never crossed my mind. :)
Greetings from your Secret One Skein Knit Pal!