Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Do you like my hat?

Today's lunchtime concert was "The Potter Song" sung by my youngest ds with the words "water, water, water, water, weesey, weesey". I'm amazed he still remembers the song because he hasn't seen it for over a month now! We've avoided it because he is afraid of Snape so maybe it's a traumatic memory resurfacing. My older son tried to join in on the Snape refrain, but that was not acceptable with his younger brother! I can just hear the stories they will tell their therapists in later years....

In crochet news, darthem asked me for a 'tried and true' hat pattern for the cold winters at USU. Well, I've been living in Southern California since I've learned how to crochet, and my experience with winter hats is minimal. But here are some links to the hats I have made as gifts plus some I just found that might work. Enjoy!

Hats I have crocheted:
Homespun pom-pom hat
Hooded Scarf

Hats I like:
T&Q hat and scarf
Ear Flap Hat

More free patterns that you will ever use!
Lion Brand
Hat patterns galore!

I like that party hat!

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Liz said...

We're a little south of USU (in Salt Lake), but I can vouch for the hooded scarves. They are very warm, and are long enough to wrap around your neck and hang down your back, inside your coat, so they don't come undone. Our three (made by Alberta) are in constant use in the winter.