Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Finished Projects

Finally, a picture of the blue poncho!

And since it's taken me so long to post it, here's an extra; an extra long wrap. Too long really. And it needs to be wider. I should have shortened the chain or used a smaller hook. Oh well, I'm not going to redo it! It's based on a pattern from 'Crochet!' and I think the yarns they used were thicker than mine. Still, I really like how well the colors worked together. Now that I know how the pattern works, I can make one in any color and with the right proportions! Send me the yarn and I'll be happy to make you one. It's really quick.

These may be the last finished projects I'll post for a while. I've begun serious work on Christmas gifts and I don't want to spoil any surprises. I am taking pictures though, and I'll post them AFTER Christmas! I'll just say it's all really cute stuff.

Dreaming of a white Christmas,


darthem said...

Ummm...I don't know if this is kosher (i'm new to the blogging scene) but I'm going to respond to all your past posts all at once! First of all, I've never had Okra! And since you've perfected southern cooking, I purpose we have a southern style Thanksgiving this year, complete with pecan pie! Mmmmmm!!! Also, Happy Anniversary! (I forgot as well- I don't know if the aged p's forgot, they never tell me anything.) I love the blue poncho! Do you have any tried and true hat patterns that are quick and easy? I'm going to need some warm hats for this upcoming winter on USU campus- what with the canyon wind chills and all.

rob said...

Is that you modeling the projects? If so, then I can't pity you for any (temporary) rainy weather you endure, because you have a wonderful tan. Not like this butt-white brother-in-law in cloudy, upstate NY.

crochetfreak said...

Well, rob, that is me modeling. But don't be too impressed, it's a farmer tan from working in the garden, through 50 spf sunscreen.
Much different than a lay out at the beach with spf 5 sunscreen!