Thursday, October 06, 2005

Feelin' the heat and dancin' to the music

Today was hot again. It's Santa Ana season which means we'll soon be having more fires. This is the worst weather we have all year here in SoCal. And tomorrow the power will be off in our apartment complex for 6 hours. wheeee. So we will be camping out at the library all day tomorrow. Story time starts at 10:30; after that we will play on the computers till they kick us out!

While we were waiting to go to playgroup this morning (and waiting for my youngest ds to finish his breakfast - he likes to take his time) my oldest ds began singing a song about "hear the sound of the engine". It was all about the Little Blue Engine of "I think I can, I think I can" fame. (He made it up on the spot.) Well, as he came to the chorus he cried out "sing with me!" at which point my youngest ds started singing along! He didn't get all the words, but he was singing a song he didn't know with conviction. The song ended with "chugga chugga choooooo!" repeated several times softer and softer, a real fade out! lol. I am amazed at all the creative things my boys do.

SAHM and lovin' it!


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rob said...

It's in their blood. Their aunt (my younger sister) is (in)famous for her spontaneous Ode to Mother:

"My Mommy says, go brush your teeth. My Mommy says..."

Extemporaneously composed at a similarly tender age, and sung at the top of her lungs off a backyard swing.