Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Brown turkey, brown yarn, and brown...nose?

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! Can I use the holidays as an excuse? My family came to SoCal for Thanksgiving and we had a blast! In a month we'll be heading back to Utah to visit family there. Aren't the holidays great!?

I finally got my yarn I ordered back in August! It's Mr. Brown. Not sure what I can do with it, maybe use it as trim with another yarn. I'll post it here once I decide!

And in case you were wondering, longer needles are needed for fatter buttocks.

Hoping no needles are in my near future,


Becky said...

Interesting news article about injections. But did you notice that they only gave the specific number of impenatrable butts of women in the study? Granted you could figure out the men's numbers if you figure out 2/3 of the total and minus 23. Still, I wonder why they chose to focus on women? I guess since they had a higher number, theirs made for a flashier stat.

crochetfreak said...

I agree that was a bit unfair. Women do have a higher percentage of body fat than men, generally speaking. So maybe it's not so much that the women were particularly overweight, but that the needles are designed with a man's behind in mind. Hhmmmmm.

rob said...

I recently read in Newsweek about the Baby Boomers getting older. They're also getting fatter. So car makers are designing SUVs that ride lower to accomodate the old, fat BBs who can't step up into the car. Good link!