Monday, November 14, 2005

Past Crochet Project: Love Knot Shawl

Believe it or not, I'm mostly finished with all my Christmas present crocheting! Just a few minor things to finish. I'm quite surprised myself, and I keep wondering if there is someone I've forgotten. Hmmmm.

Since I haven't started any new projects (that I can mention) I'll post one of my past projects for you to ogle. ;) This is my 'Love Knot Shawl'. The picture is really bad; the color is much brighter in person. I should take a better one. It was inspired by this pattern, but I had to modify it as I didn't have the right amount of yarn. I worked it from the point up rather than the top down so it would still be a shawl when I ran out of yarn! Plus, rather than using Lion Brand 'Incredible', I used another ribbon type yarn I had on hand and mixed it with a confetti type novelty yarn. The effect is really nice. The love knot stitch (aka 'Solomon's knot') really shows off the two novelty yarns and gives the shawl a nice drape. Now if only I were trendier I could wear it!

Not much is going on at my house. Both boys are sick and it looks like I'm getting sick too. My older ds missed saying his line ("I choose the right by paying tithing") in the Primary Program yesterday. I was sad about that, but we figured it was better than having him coughing all over the other primary children on the stand. And even though my younger ds acts like he feels fine, he has a sheen of snot all over his forearms that I thought the nursery teachers might not like. No barfing though. Oh wait! There was one incident, but I'll let my hubby tell you about it since he was there.

Itchin' to be stitchin'

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