Thursday, November 03, 2005

I like to ride my bicycle.

My older ds has finally started riding his bike independently! Don't get too excited, he is still using training wheels, but up until now he refused to go down any small incline unless someone was holding on to the bike and then he'd whine the whole way down. Now he has finally figured out how to use the brakes to slow himself down without stopping completely and that has boosted his confidence enormously. He's also decided that it's more fun to go fast! So now it's my turn to be afraid. All this recent bike riding has piqued my younger sons interest in bikes as well. He begs for turns on his brother's bike, which is way to big for him, and then wants me to push him around on it. Maybe we'll have to return some of the Christmas presents we've already purchased and go get him a bike instead!

In the spirit of my husband's blog, here's the fitness report! Since Monday I have been waking up at 6:30 to be ready to go walking at 7am. I haven't been able to get up that early on a consistent basis since son #2 was born! The key I have found is to get someone else involved. (I'm walking with a girl from our ward.) If I'm just waking up early to do something by myself, it is way to easy to ignore the alarm. But now I know that someone is waiting for me, and if I don't show up they will be disappointed. Plus, it's much more fun to have someone to talk to while you are walking. She has two little girls, each a year or so behind my two boys so we definitely have something of common interest to talk about! I know walking isn't the most strenuous workout but as I've been mostly sedentary lately this is a big improvement!

Trying to avoid becoming a fat bottomed girl,


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yourhubby said...

I love the theme! And you are definitely inspiring me into getting back into my own exercise routine.