Monday, April 14, 2008

100th post!

Sorry to copy everyone who has done this, but I think it's really cool. So here you go!

100 things about me...

1. I love to cook.
2. I'm not a gourmet.
3. If you ate at my house, you'd think I was a health nut.
4. I probably am a health nut, by most people's standards.
5. I miss my garden in California.
6. I miss most everything about California, except the cost of living.
7. I really, really miss going to Disneyland.
8. I love ice cream.
9. I don't eat ice cream much anymore, because none of it is quite as good as Strickland's in CA.
10. I love chocolate, really, really dark chocolate.
11. I don't like chocolate ice cream.
12. I love my husband. He's my very best friend.
13. I want a sexy nightgown, but not too sexy.
14. I haven't found a nightgown I like, not even a pattern for one.
15. I love to sew.
16. I have a crappy Bernette sewing machine.
17. I love my serger! Well, my grandma's serger that she is letting me borrow....
18. I hauled the serger onto the plane in the carry on luggage. They stopped me at security and I had to send it back through the giant x-ray before they would let me go.
19. I will never to that again.
20. I heart my dishwasher! No more paper plates for me!
21. I am a voracious reader.
22. I love science fiction and fantasy.
23. I read a lot of non-fiction, mostly for my job as executive in charge of domestic affairs.
24. I would die without the library. Well, maybe I'd just be buried in the books I would have to buy without it.
25. I have 4 bookcases full of books.
26. I have given away 3 bookcases and the books that were on them.
27. I still have more books than will fit on my bookcases.
28. When I am reading, I am blind and deaf to the world.
29. Most of my work can be ignored for a time without serious consequences, except feeding the children.
30. I make lists and schedules for everything.
31. I have an impossibly high standard of cleanliness. It's my mother's fault. ;)
32. I have (for the most part) successfully enlisted the aid of my children in cleaning.
33. I like broccoli.
34. I hated broccoli as a child, mostly because it was organically grown in our garden and I would always find worms/caterpillars on it right as I was about to eat it. I had to eat it anyway.
35. I have always loved tomatoes and spinach.
36. I liked that I was usually the only one in my class that liked tomatoes and spinach.
37. I hated always being the tallest in my elementary class.
38. I am one of the shorter people in my family.
39. I can't think of anything I'd rather do than be a stay at home mom. Really, I've tried.
40. I'm thinking about adopting.
41. I'd really like to adopt a deaf child.
42. I really miss my deaf friend from CA.
43. I'm thinking about completing the ASL interpreter program at the college.
44. I'm scared that it will be too hard.
45. I'm socially inept.
46. My hands are the same size as my husband's, just skinnier.
47. I learned to read music at about the same time I learned to read.
48. I've always wanted curly auburn hair.
49. My hair is poker straight and 'dishwater' blonde.
50. I'd like to go on a cruise.
51. If it takes longer than 30 minutes to drive somewhere, I probably won't go.
52. I don't make friends easily.
53. I still keep in touch with some of my friends from High School.
54. I don't know where any of my mission companions are.
55. I think my kids are amazing.
56. I love Legos.
57. I love doing crafts, but I hate making messes.
58. I don't like being cold.
59. I don't like being hot.
60. Did I mention I miss CA?
61. I wish I were a better mother.
62. I don't like going out to eat.
63. My first date with my husband was a marching band performance at the unveiling of the mascots for the Utah Winter Olympics. I was playing in the band.
64. I have worked at a shaved ice stand, the "Country Shopper" (now defunct), as a flagger, house painter, theatre usher, bus driver and dispatcher.
65. I could never have a desk job.
66. The furthest East (and West) I have been is Japan.
67. Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada is the furthest North I have been.
68. Hawaii is the furthest South I've gone.
69. I don't like watching movies or TV that much, but I always get sucked in.
70. I wish someone would nominate me for "What Not To Wear".
71. I love nearly every show on Food Network, but especially "Good Eats".
72. I don't like "Law and Order: SVU" that much, but I can't stop watching it once I start.
73. I am a huge Star Trek fan.
74. I love to get old kids shows from my childhood (Underdog, Electric Co., Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street Old School) from the library.
75. I have a terrible short term memory, esp. for number and names of people and streets. Sometimes my long term memory for those things isn't so hot either.
76. I love reading other people's blogs.
77. I have a BMu in Music Education.
78. I have never taught music in a school.
79. I would not teach music in a school (public or private) even if I was desperate.
80. I might get a masters and teach music at a community college, if I had to.
81. I really enjoy teaching private music lessons.
82. Instruments I play, by proficiency: flute, piano, baritone, sousaphone, trombone, recorder, and everything else (in the orchestra) on a beginning level.
83. Instruments I cannot play at all, but wish I could: guitar, accordion, bagpipes.
84. I love to crochet, but I do not knit and do not intend to learn.
85. Stuffed animals are my favorite things to crochet, then baby and toddler clothes, esp. girls.
86. I have too much yarn and fabric. Just ask my husband.
87. I just made myself an awesome skirt with a pattern I drew myself. I'll post a pic of it soon.
88. I have a hard time saying no when someone asks me to do something for them.
89. I don't understand why anyone would ever smoke. Not even a little.
90. I am very paranoid about noises in the house at night. If I hear something, even something imaginary, I can't go back to sleep until I send dh to go see what it is. (He never complains. Really.)
91. I don't play with my kids as much as I would like to, or thought I would, or should even.
92. I replace all purpose flour with whole wheat flour in every recipe I make. It's worked fine every time, so far.
93. I hate driving.
94. I wish my kids would like what I fix for dinner.
95. When I got married, we registered at a piano store rather then a department store. Who needs dishes? A piano is much more important! I have never regretted it.
96. I am teaching my older ds piano lessons. I'm not very good, but he is.
97. I love gardening. It is the best therapy for me. I don't have one now but I like to imagine all the things I will plant when I finally have a garden of my own.
98. I hate shopping. Clothes, food, all of it.
99. I either need more storage space or less stuff. Probably less stuff.
100. I spend way too much time on the internet.

Whew! That was hard but kind of fun. I bet this list will be fun for me to look back at in a few years, assuming Blogger is still around!

Thanks to everyone who is still reading my blog after 100 posts!


Amy said...

That was awesome!! I am totally with you on the sexy pajama thing. Only it is hard to have sexy p.j. and want to be warm at the same time. I have always wanted silky p.j.'s.

Love it,

Megan said...

Wow! So much stuff I didn't know about you! My favorite had to be the one where you want someone to nominate you for "What not to wear". Aaron and I were both cracking up. That was awesome! I am also a science fiction and fantasy lover. How about for one of your post-a-days for this month you tell us your favorite science fiction and fantasy books? I would love it! I miss Cali too... and we are starting a garden. I'll come to you with questions :)

Paula K said...

I really enjoyed learning lots of new things about you -- nearly everything I learn about you is new. We have quite a few things in common, #1,2,8,10,48,51,52,55,56,57,58,61, and completely opposite on 62!! I'll stop there so I don't bore you. And it is a little awkward, but I thought you should know that I read your blog.