Monday, April 28, 2008


Some days my life feels like an endless monotony of laundry, cleaning, and cooking (though I do enjoy cooking, it does get a little tiresome to be preparing for and cleaning up from 3 meals every day). I once read somewhere that doing at least one thing every day that did not need to be done again would help combat that feeling. So today my thing that did not have to be done again was to finish reading "Pride and Prejudice" (again, I must admit, but I certainly didn't have to!). I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the book and what fun the story is to read. Reading is probably my favorite "don't have to do it again" activity, but I also like doing things that have concrete results, like sewing, cross stitching, or crochet or even cleaning and organizing a closet. It makes me feel accomplished and I have something to show for the time spent. Granted, I don't have the luxury of being able to do those things every day, but the more often I can, the happier I am with life.

And crochet therapy is cheaper then real therapy.

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Brooke said...

HOORAY for crochet therapy!