Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Halloween (a little late)

Time to play catch up! I don't know how I missed posting this, but here are the boys 2007 Halloween costumes.

Younger ds is a cat, costume made by my mother. Older ds is a dog, costume made by me. I actually made his sweats with a pattern I drew myself because I could not find any cream colored sweats in the stores to match the hood fabric.

This is Fred. (Younger ds named him.) We made him out of milk jugs and hung him outside our door. We liked him so much we even made a pilgrim hat for him so he could stay up for Thanksgiving too. We were planning to give him a santa hat for Christmas, but the wind blew his legs off and he had to be recycled. Poor Fred.

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Ruth said...

Those are so cute! - meaning the boys, of course - and the costumes are cute too. I gotta say, though, I really like Fred, and would like your "how to" so we can make one next year. Thanks!