Saturday, April 19, 2008

"In a different voice"

Normally on Saturday we clean the house as a family in the morning, and then have the afternoon for family fun. Not today! My dh had to observe a class at the college this morning at 8am, so he was gone by 7:15. The boys and I started the cleaning and worked up until he got home just after noon. After lunch I had to get ready for a rehearsal and performance about 30 minutes away (I didn't get home until 10pm!) My dh finished up the cleaning and then he and the boys went biking at the local elementary, watched "Underdog" and ate pizza for a "boys' night in." When I got home the house was [mostly] clean, the dishwasher was loaded and the boys were peacefully asleep.

My favorite "servant" is my sexy dh.

Ghostwritten by the sexy "servant"

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Anonymous said...

So, what performance? Are you involved in an orchestra/band already? Do you ever make recordings - so we can hear you?
Just wondering, and wanting to be "caught up"!-Mom