Tuesday, April 01, 2008

30 Days

I have chosen April as my "blog every day" month! I've never attempted this before, so we'll see how it goes. I hope I can think of 30 interesting things to blog about! Okay, so being "interesting" is not a requirement, but hopefully most of them will be interesting.

As April 1st approaches every year, dh and I contemplate announcing an "April Fools'" pregnancy, but so far we haven't been brave enough to do it. It's sometimes hard to tell if an April Fools' joke will cross the line, and I suspect an "April Fools'" pregnancy just might be one of those. So instead, late last night, we moved the boys into each other's beds. My older ds woke up at about 11pm, called my dh in and said "I think something's wrong here." We convinced him to stay there so his younger brother would be surprised in the morning. Younger ds was surprised, but I think they both didn't know quite what to think. Our final prank will be played on the ward choir. My dh signed up to bring the refreshments tonight and so we're bringing "french fries". We even got bags from Burger King to pack them in, and we'll buy a few bags of real fries to add the signature smell to the deception. We'll see if anyone is actually fooled. Food pranks are my favorite!

OK. You've fooled around long enough...


Amy said...

I think this is absolutely funny, because I decided to pull the fake pregnancy announcement on almost everyone in my contacts list today. So you probably already got it in your inbox. I thought it was hilarious, but apparently hubby's family didn't think so. I am still laughing though. I don't know why, but it makes me feel better at not being able to get pregnant. That is backwards, but hey!
best of luck with your pranks

Brooke said...

The look on Harry's face was priceless when he tried those meatloaf/mashed potatoes cupcakes last year! I'm looking forward to your daily posts. Great goal!