Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yes, Your Highness

When I have a busy day and am feeling "put upon", I like to pretend to be a queen, ordering my servants around.

I order my tub to fetch me water and warm it up for my bath. I order the sink to fetch water so I can brush my teeth. I order the washing machine to wash my clothes and the dryer to hang them out to dry. I order the stove/oven to cook my food. I order the dishwasher to clean up the dishes. I order the vacuum to beat the rugs (I have to keep careful watch to make sure it's done right.) If it's cold, I order the heater to build up the fires. If it's hot, I order the air conditioner to fan me. I order the car to hitch the horses to the coach so I can drive to market. I order the computer, TV, CD player, and mp3 player to entertain me. Sometimes I order the breadmaker to make me a loaf of bread and the crock pot to make my dinner. I order the phone/email to take a message to the neighboring kingdoms.

All this helps me be grateful and remember that I have it better now then most royalty ever did.


Ruth said...

That is such a good idea! I'll have to try it, as opposed to trying to order my children around, which doesn't EVER work! I have to know, did you come up with that gem all by yourself? If so, you've missed your calling - you should be a writer! (well, OK, you haven't really because "mother" is the best calling of all - but I mean after, or in addition to!)

Alberta said...

Sadly, I do order my children around too, though with not nearly as much success. ;) Yes, I came up with that idea myself, though I must admit the thought was introduced to me by a show on the History channel. It talked about how the Romans used slaves to basically dig away a whole mountain by hand. I thought, today we would use a backhoe for the same job, so that would make machines our slaves and the operators the slave drivers. And it went from there!